9 weeks post op, is this the final result? Seems like they've shrunk. I'm even more unhappy with them. Planning revision (Photo)

I had 500cc silicone mod+ implants unders 9 weeks (almost 10) , wanting a revision to HP or UHP 750cc because my results were incredibly small and I'm totally unsatisfied with their small natural size. Concerned that I will have to shell out another hefty sum just to be happy with what should have been done correctly the first time.

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Unsatisfactory result 9 weeks after breast augmentation

I am convinced that the most difficult part of breast augmentation surgery is understanding patient's goals.  Sorry that you are unhappy with your breast volumes.  Be certain that you appreciate the unintended consequence of larger volume implants on your overlying breast soft tissues.  The anticipated thinning is irreversible and can lead to visible and palpable ridges.  You may want what you want but you may not want what else you get.  Keep in touch with your original surgeon.
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Tyler Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size 3 months after surgery is not really going to change

Hello. The swelling has subsided by 3 months after surgery, so the size is really not going to change at this point, but the shape can gradually change some more as the implants continue to settle a bit more. This is usually done by 6 months, but actually continues since the implant can gradually settle even more due to gravity.  If you want larger implants, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon. The skin envelope does need to stretch sometimes to accommodate the larger size, and waiting at least 6 months can help this. The one caution about going to the 750 is what I mentioned above- the effect of gravity on this size implant is significant and you have to be vigilant about good support!
Good luck.

Anne Taylor, MD
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Is this your final result 2 months post-op?

Your breasts are still healing and changing.  Give things time and if you're still dissatisfied in several months, talk to your physician about an implant exchange.  Best of luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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Breast augmentation revision?

Reviewing the size before surgery is often the best way to avoid disappointment afterwards. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Final result

Thank you for you question.  First, you should give yourself more time before considering a revision.  As more time passes, your breasts should heal more and will most likely not look how they do now. 

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Jose M. Soler-Baillo, MD
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it takes several months for the swelling to go down and especially the skin and muscle to stretch to get a larger size. It should not cost you the same amount to just get a larger implant placed.

Deborah Sillins, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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