11 weeks post-op brow lift and eye lid surgery, pain and lump above one eye, should we go to surgeon this week?

My dad had a brow lift and eye lid surgery about 11 weeks ago. He is 75. He is complaining about a lump above his left eyebrow, a lot of soreness upon touch and numbness in his scalp. From what I have read this is fairly normal. He is very worried. He has his 3 months post op next week. Should we try to go sooner?

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Lump After Brow Lift

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Since your dad's appointment is relatively soon, he should just keep his appointment. This issue is not an emergency. Consult the surgeon.

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Post-op worries.

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Yes indeed.  Always check with the surgeon that took care of you.  It is our responsibility to be available.  The post-op follow-up date is not written in stone. If nothing else, call to relieve the worry aspect of the potential problem.   We doctors want to hear from the patient. 

H. Michael Roark, MD
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