Are there any products similar to retinol?

products similar to retinol that are not that expensive.

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Thankd for your question

Products containing retinol produce an exfoliating effect on the skin thus increasing cell turnover. To gain similar effects try products containing Glycolic or Salacylic Acids.

Having said this there are many Retin A products available which are very effective. ZO by Dr Obaji and Environ to name a few.

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Effectiveness of retinol products

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There are many retinol products on the market.  I am not sure about there cost or effectiveness.  SkinMedica has three retinol products that are effective, Tri-Retinol.  

Exoliating Products Similar to Retinol

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Hi Acosta.  Retinol and Retin A are exfoliating products.  They cause the dead skin cells at the surface to fall off, revealing, fresher softer skin.  Using these products also increase the rate of cell turnover (the length of time it takes for new cells to die and flake off), which means the products exercise the skin by causing the epidermis to reproduce more quickly.

With that said, glycolic and salycilic acid are nice alternatives to Retin A and Retinol.  They are perhaps a little less aggressive, but can be very effective.  You would probably want the % of these together in your product to be between 10% and 20% to do the same or similar job that Retinol is doing.  Good luck.

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