I just had symmastia repair 4 days ago. Is this normal? How long until they move closer to look like normal breast? (photo)

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I can't see the photos you've posted. Breasts take between 2-6 months to soften and drop after surgery and more time and patience is required when extensive work has been done. While inflammation is present the tissues are expected to be tight and somewhat distorted. I hope that you were able to note improvement over time.

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I just had symmastia repair 4 days ago. Is this normal? How long until they move closer to look like normal breast?

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Maybe it is me but I could not open the posted photos??? My guess is time will tell if the repair worked.... 

"Symmastia repair"

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This puckering looks to be due to sutures that are either holding the pocket closed at the center, or securing a piece of Strattice or other material your surgeon may have used. As the sutures dissolve I would anticipate improvement of these irregularities. 

I probably would not have called what you had before the surgery symmastia, since the implants clearly are separated and were not touching. But that is just a definition. 

Follow closely with your surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Symmastia repair 4 days ago

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Swelling 4 days after surgery can cause asymmetries and irregularities of the breasts which may not be there once everything settles. If you have a lot of swelling on the lateral or outside part of your breasts, it can create a very strange shape temporarily, as can the sutures that are puckering the skin.  It is best to talk to your surgeon about what to expect.  Correcting symmastia can be a challenging procedure, and he or she will have a much better idea of how your postoperative course will be.   It can take many months for the breast shape to emerge and the tissue to smooth out.

Healing After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your inquiry on breast augmentation and healing. Yes. The sutures placed to keep the breasts separated are causing skin indentations. Assuming these are absorbing sutures, as they absorb the indentations should smooth out. It will take time though – at least 3 months. I hope this helps.
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