Will any damage be done using this approach? Is this the best approach?

I am a 27 year old woman with Invisalign. I had been wearing Tray 12 for 1.5 weeks when I accidentally grabbed Tray 7 and wore it for 4 days, thinking that it was Tray 12. I noticed this problem because I was going to put Tray 13 in and it wouldn't fit my teeth. I currently have trays 11-15. I was told by someone who works at Invisalign to put in Tray 11 for a few days and see how it feels. Right now there is approximately 1/2 a millimeter between the top of my teeth and the trays.

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Wore wrong tray

Since you only wore tray 7 for few days it shouldn’t have thrown you to much of the track. You should try placing tray 12 back and wear it for few days to see if teeth go back to the right place. If it doesn’t help please see your doctor so he can tell you what number is best to start at this point. 

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Damage with Invisalign Approach?

Hi there,I would agree that contacting your dentist is the best option. The sooner you contact your treating the dentist, the less it will affect/change the course of your Invisalign treatment.
Good luck!

Call your dentist who is treating you

You should call the doctor who is treating you. That is the best person to get advise from in this situation.


Dear issyb,Thank you for contacting RealSelf regarding your Invisalign question. At this time, I would contact your Invisalign provider. It is best to order additional aligners from where your teeth are now to ensure that your teeth will track properly. I hope that this helps and good luck!Best,Dr. Jenn

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