Does this look normal? It started out very small and had gotten so big. (photos)

I had stitches poking through my dr cut them and said it would be fine. A small sore started forming and almost looked like an opening he again said it would heal.. Well it's gotten soo much bigger and it hurts really bad. He keeps telling me it's fine and it looks good. Every morning I wake up and it looks worse then it did the day before. I think it's happening on the other side also. My breaks also had a red rash from bein allergic to the stuff they put on to hold the stitched together

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Open wound after augmentation

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You did not indicate how long it has been since you had your surgery, but from your pictures it appears to have been fairly recent. I would be concerned that you may be developing an implant extrusion(exposure). This in my opinion , should be addressed as soon as possible and likely will require reoperative surgery. You should ask to be seen by your surgeon very soon.

Does this look normal? It started out very small and had gotten so big.

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Sorry for the postop wound dehiscence. Appears clean and now you need to allow healing time of a few months. I offer PRP infusion therapy wth red laser light txt.Fee $800 per session to sped healing time...

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