Is a Spreader Graft Supposed to Make Your Nose Look Extremely Wide and Bulbous?

I specifically, told my doctor to keep my nose looking as similar as possible without altering the appearance too much. I look completely different. I had an thin, longish, attractive nose. And now it is short, wide, bulbous with no definition at all.

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Spreader Grafts don't typically change your appearance.

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Hi there.  It's very difficult to comment without seeing a photo.  Additionally, it's important to know how long ago you had the rhinoplasty.

Traditional spreader grafts typically widen the middle-vault of the nose (the middle 1/3rd of the nose) by a few millimilters (1 - 3mm) - this is important as this area is responsible for improving your nasal breathing.  Some (including myself) place the spreader grafts beneath the cartilage (upper lateral) in that area in very aesthetically sensitive patients in an effort to keep the width change even smaller - this is not a "proven" technique but simply something I've done on a number of patients that has worked. 

A rhinoplasty takes 12-months or more to completely heal.  Depending on where you are in the healing process, you 'll have swelling and thickness to your nose that will improve with time. 

Bulbosity is unrelated to spreader grafts, and unfortunately I can't provide you more insight without seeing a photo or examining you.

Hope this helps.

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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