Can a Spreader Graft Be Removed After It Has Been in Place for Several Years?

I had a non-functional (i.e. not for breathing purposes) spreader graft inserted several years ago; the graft was inserted merely to improve appearance. Now I would like to have it removed as it has caused my nose to become too wide, and it has also distorted some of the nasal skin. Can such a graft be removed even though it has been in place for quite some time? Are there additional complications?

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Spreader Grafts can be removed

Hi there.  A spreader graft can be removed, BUT this would require you to have a revision rhinoplasty. 

Without a photo I can't discuss any specifics, but traditional spreader grafts do not distort your nasal skin.  They are placed flush with your septal and upper-lateral nasal cartilages and thus don't usually do anything to the skin.

A revision rhinoplasty would involve the same risks as your first procedure:

- unsatisfactory outcome

- compromised breathing

- need for revision surgery

- scarring

- bleeding

- infection

- risk of the anesthetic

- etc.

Revision rhinoplasty is a much more challenging procedure and I'd suggest finding a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in your area.  Dr. Wayne Larrabbee or Dr. Craig Murakami are two amongst many experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in the Seattle area. 

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