Is "Spreader Flaps" Same As "Spreader Grafts"?

Hello. I have a question on rhinoplasty techniques. Is "spreader flaps" same as "spreader grafts"? And what is the purpose of this type of techniques.

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Spreader Grafts vs Spreader Grafts

Spreader flaps are pieces of cartilages rotated from the upper lateral cartilages to increase the size of the internal valves which will improve breathing. Spreader grafts are pieces of cartilage taken from anywhere and placed in the same area to improve breathing and support the mid-portion of the nose.

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Is "Spreader Flaps" Same As "Spreader Grafts"?

Yes, they are indeed the same thing. Spreader grafts, as they are typically called, are cartilage grafts that can be used for cosmetic reasons or for functional breathing correction issues. Surgeons do use a variety of techniques to place spreader grafts and sometimes we can fold over a portion of the upper nasal cartilages inward that act as spreader grafts and would possibly be referred to as spreader flaps. For all intents and purposes they are the same.

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