Spot Treat Fractional Laser Around Mouth?

Hello, I have some puffiness/creppiness around my mouth. I tried fillers and think they contribute to puffiness. I was wondering if dissolving my fillers and spot treating with fractional laser would be possible. I would prefer not to have the whole face lasered.

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Spot treatment with fractional lasers is feasable for many conditions

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Treatment with a nonablative fractional laser , such as Fraxel Re:Store does not peel the surface, so does not leave a line of demarcation of treated vs nontreated skin, so if the condition is localized, the treatment can be localized as well. If ablative fractional lasers are to be used ( such as Fraxel Re:Pair ) then much more care and thought must be given to spot treatment- especially regarding the nontreated adjacent area. Feathering the treatment may be necessary. Sometimes it is just not feasible.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Spot treatment around mouth with fractional laser

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You don't need to have the fillers dissolved, but you can if you wish. I am using the Invasix Fractora for purposes like this and it's amazing. There aren't issues with pigment like there were with other machines, so you can treat small (around the mouth or eyes) or even very small areas (like a scar) with Fractora and leave no pigment irregularities behind but only improve the area you are intending. I really like this machine, and so do my patients, so yes, it is possible with certain machines to do just what you're talking about. 

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