Sports Bra Too Painful to Wear

I had 525cc under the muscle 4 days ago and i am finding the sports bra is rubbing on my dressings making it too painful to wear . I also have some back pain from sleeping sitting up and my breasts are swollen . I have spoken to my after care co-ordinator who said i should try to put the bra on asap and i have an appointment to see the nurse to have my dressings removed tomorrow . I am worried of the consequences of not wearing the bra . Can you help me

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Post-Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation Not Essential

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In reality, a post-surgical garment after breast augmentation does not alter the final results in any way.  This is why some surgeons do not even have their patients wear anything afterwards.  The bra is not holding anything in, nor can it limit swelling or force the implants in any direction.  Essentially, your body is going to heal on its own whether you have the bra on or not.  I would not worry too much and perhaps just wear one size larger until you are mor comfortable and have less pain.  I hope this helps.

Post op bra too tight after augmentation?

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We use surgical/sports bras in our practice all the time.  Occasionally the dressing will rub and cause chafing.  Often women are swollen after surgery and then as the swelling gets better, the tightness of the bra goes away.  Sounds like the bra may be a bit tight and you may need a slightly larger one temporarily.  sometimes the edges dig in and need some gauze.  Good that you are following up with the doctors office.  Let them guide you through the process.  Back soreness is normal as well.  Things get better as time goes on, the first three days are usually the roughest.  

Post operative Breast Augmentation surgery

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I agree that maybe a larger bra will help.  The back pain you are experiencing is very common after breast augmentation surgery (from sleeping on your back). Sometimes, back massage helps.  The first week is the most difficult, it gets better from there.


Postoperative bra after augmentation

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It sounds like your bra is too tight. I would try on a sports bra that is larger and see if you can find a comfortable one. Bras after breast augmentation provide support and should make you feel better. They can irritate the nipples, so a nipple pad may offer protection. They should not be making indentations or blisters on your skin and they should not dig into the incision. Try a larger bra and check back with your surgeon.


Leo Lapuerta Jr. MD

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