Sports Bra Necessary Following Explant?

I had an explant 1 week ago with removal of the implants not the capsule. They had been in place for 2 years. I had a previous lift and was fortunate that I did not need another one. I feel good and have only a small incision utilizing the previous scar. Is it necessary to wear a tight sports bra for a period of time? If so, what is the reason for this. Thanks!

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What to wear after breast surgery

It all depends on how you're healing and upon your doctor's recommendations.  I snug sports bra is probably not a bad idea to help prevent any fluid collections from building up.

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Compression is the key to prevent "empty bag syndrome".

When taking out an implant and it's associated capsule, raw surfaces are created within the breast.  It is key, of great importance, to compress the breast during the first week or two so as to encourage connections to form.  This ensures the highest, most lifted result and prevents "empty bag syndrome".

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Do you need a bra after having a breast implant removed

If you had your breast implants removed (but not the capsules), you don't necessarily need to wear a tight bra. Sometimes a bra is helpful temporarily for compression after breast explantation if a capsulectomy is performed at the same time. If you do wear a bra, usually this is done for a few weeks only.

Consult your plastic surgeon for specifics regarding your case.

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Sports Bra Following Explant

Post-operative care is going to vary between patients and surgeons.You should contact your surgeon and follow is intstuctions. Wearing a sports bra may help with contour and reduce the likelihood of developing a fluid collection early on.

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Compression utilized to minimize swelling.

The post-operative management following breast implant removal varies from patient to patient and depends upon a multitude of variables.In most cases, the decision to use a sports bra is dependent upon intraoperative factors.When removal of implants is associated with extensive dissection, both drains and compression garments may be indicated in the post-operative period.
In the vast majority of patients, we don’t use a support bra in the post-operative period.There are exceptions but these are rare.In most cases, we place our patients in a compressive ACE-wrap dressing which applies mild pressure to the area.This helps minimize pain, and swelling, and makes the post-operative course more comfortable.In addition, it helps remodel soft tissue.
It’s important to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon can hopefully answer your questions and alleviate your anxiety.

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Follow the explanations of your surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will be the best person for advice and explanations. Don't hesitate to contact your surgeon.


I don't think it matters much.  It is primarily for your comfort. 


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Is a sports bra necessary after breast implant removal?

After breast implant removal, or explantation, a gentle compression garment or compression dressing may helpful to provide support to your breast tissues and to reduce the possibility of fluid accumulation or seroma formation in the empty breast implant pocket.

So whether it is a sports bra, or simply an ace bandage that your plastic surgeon's recommends. it probably doesn't' matter that much as either will achieve the purposes outlined above.

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Bra and explantation

The post-operative care following explanatation is very surgeon dependent. You shoudl contact your sugeon and see what he likes his pateints to do.  Personally I do no think it matters one way or the other.

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Breast Implant Explantation

Follow the instructions of your surgeon. they know what was done and will give you a better advise and explanations.

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Surgical Bra

Every reputable, board certified plastic surgeon has post-operative protocol for their patients. Contact your surgeon for follow-up.

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