Sports After Rinhoplasty ?and Does Result Shows Right After Removing the Cast ?

hello =), So I went to the doctor and he saw my nose,he told me he's gonna define the bridge and reduce a bit from the tip making it a bit higher... and he told me it's going to be closed rihnoplasty. Would i see result right after removing the cast ? because i heard some people say it would be bigger than what expected until almost 3 months . and when can i return to play sports such as : tennis, horseback riding *jumping* , cycling etc..

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Healing after rhinoplasty

It takes at least 6-12 months before your final result.  Although with closed rhinoplasty, the swelling may resolve quicker. My recommendation is to avoid any strenous activity for the first month, to minimize risk of swelling.

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Immediate results and playing sports after a rhinoplasty

In general major changes to the nose show immediately when the splint is removed. However the final result can take months because of the swelling in the soft tissues. In general its good to refrain from sports which require exertion for 6-8 weeks since this can increase the swelling in the nose however you should always check with your surgeon for specific guidelines in this area.

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Sports after Rhinoplasty

You will see a difference in your nose when the cast is removed, However a limited amount of increased swelling may occur after the pressure from the cast is eliminated. In general I tell my patients to avoid all strenuous activities for two weeks after their rhinoplasty and any risk of nasal trauma for six weeks.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Avoid nasal trauma after rhinoplasty

Most swelling is gone in the first month after surgery however some minor tip swelling that only you would notice can persist for several months. While you will be looking and feeling great within a couple of weeks, you must be careful with your new nose which is in the healing process for months. You should take 2-3 weeks off rigorous exercise (no heavy lifting, running, etc) and avoid an accidental trauma to the nose. As long as you keep your nose safe, you can enjoy all your activities as usual starting 2 - 3 weeks after surgery. Ask your surgeon for more advice on your post operative period. You should be provided with detailed instructions.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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Recovery from rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery takes time to heal. When the splint is removed you will see approximate results however swelling does occur and it takes time to dissipate completely. The first three to four months post rhinoplasty you will see the majority of the swelling gone and the final swelling takes an entire year to completely heal and see the desired result. With this said the nose should not look bigger after rhinoplasty and most patients are quite content and happy with their immediatte results and as time passes they are even happier with their final recovery. Returning to some sports post rhinoplasty is common within the first four to six weeks. When returning to tennis you do want to be careful not to be hit by a racket or ball and should take precautions not to return to quickly to this sport. Most other sports you can return to per your surgeons general post operative instructions. With rhinoplasty it is important that all breathing issues are taken into consideration prior to surgery so that the nose is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. This is very important in cyclists and atheletes to enable proper breathing during all sports. Best regards!

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