Spontaneous Swelling 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, What Would Cause This?

I had rhinoplasty 2.5 weeks ago, and everything was going great until just yesterday. My swelling was minimal and I was loving the results, but now I seem to have swelled up significantly around the bridge and my pre-op hump is swelling back up. My nose looks wider than before surgery. When the cast first came off my nose looked narrow, and now I am very nervous. On New Years Eve, 2 nights ago, I went to a party and danced and had a couple drinks, could this be why I am spontaneously swollen?

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Spontaneous Swelling 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, What Would Cause This?

Any unexplained or unexpected swelling after Rhinoplasty could represent infection or bleeding and should be evaluated by the Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

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Swelling post rhinoplasty

I would recommend you get checked by your surgeon. You may have some swelling inside that can be addressed with injections if necessary. It may be totally normal, but your surgeon is the best one to check things and see if you have an infection or some other treatable cause.

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Post rhinoplasty swelling.

After rhinoplasty surgery the nose goes throught months of healing.  Initially the nose can look  quite good as the splint keeps swelling down.  During the healing period the nose can change.  In certain cases swelling can recur along the bridge which generally subsides over the next few months of healing.  Post operative swelling can potentially benefit from taping . See your surgeon for reassurance and consider taping the bridge at night.  Sleeping with your head elevated, arnica tablets can all be helpful to reduce swelling.    Alcohol, red wine,  and early post operative exercise certainly can increase swelling.  In rare situations swelling can be a sign of infection.  If you have a fever or pain associated with swelling you should see  your surgeon.  

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