Sizers: Need Opinions and Advice. Any suggestions? (photos)

This was hard to post naked top photos. Harder then I thought. But I have my upcoming surgery and I'm torn. I am 4'11 107lbs and currently a 34A/AA. My goal is big but naturalish. I don't want to be too top heavy but I do want to have a good breast that helps hide my tummy. I'm torn. My doc said he's happy w/ whatever choice & to prob go bigger since rarely ladies come back wishing to go smaller. I tried on 400/375 rice Sizers & they look too big in some shirts & just right in others.Advice?

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Always go with the larger choice you are happy with

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and as mentioned, you should be using your right breast to determine what size you will go with and use a little less on the left larger side.  Your difference is enough that you should consider different sized implants.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Sizers: Need Opinions and Advice. Any suggestions? (photos)

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Thank you for the question and photos. To correct the assymetry you will require two different size implants. The implant size should be based on your breast dimension. If you select saline the size can be adjusted on the table however if you are proceed Ing with silicone you need to determine if the size difference is 25 or 50 cc or more. My patients select slightly larger implants than what they like most of the times. It is best to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Implant selection

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These decisions can be quite difficult. Most patients, when given an option, choose the larger implant. However, if you feel that you look a bit too top-heavy you may opt for the smaller choice to avoid a matronly appearance.  
Good luck

Sizers: Need Opinions and Advice. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. I note from your pictures that you have a significant amount of asymmetry, no only in terms of overall breast volume, but also in terms of your IMF. Please make sure you address these with your board certified (ASPS) plastic surgeon. Make sure you are trying on silicone sizers to make your decision. Down between 375 and 400, you will likely be happy with either choice. Best of luck!

Sizing of implants

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Hi, Mrs. Josie-I have found that using the silicone sizers from the implant manufactured give my patients the best ideas about the eventual sizes of the implants. My estimate is that 400 cc will give you about mid D size. 

Neil T. Chen, MD
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Pictures might help

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Sizers placed on top of the breasts tend to look bigger than when the actual implants are inside. Find pictures on line of breast sizes that you like and show them to your surgeon. This may provide additional input helping him choose the best size for you! Hope this helps, good luck!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dear MrsJosie

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There is never a perfect "Soul Mate" size for every outfit. Your goal of having it help your tummy look smaller without overwhelming your tiny frame is a good one. Because your cleavage are is wide you want to be sure your implant has a nice width here. You also look fairly asymmetric in your photo with more tissue on the lower aspect of the breast on the photo's left, so this will also be a challenge. Everyone selects clothing styles that flatter their figure, and that is true both before and after an augmentation. Being in a 350-400 ml ballpark looks reasonable, and your surgeon may need to err up or down to improve your asymmetry. Let your surgeon fuss over the 25-50 ml intraoperatively. Let them know if you are more concerned with ending up too large or small post op.Best of luck,

Stacey Folk, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Implant sizes

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I can't advice you based in photos what size implant u should have however you have challenging anatomy and you should ensure your doctor has reviewed with you the differences and challenges you have pre- op and how they plan to address it or not.  We have a 3-d camera system that we use to mimic what the  different implants look like on you so u have another tool to help you pick your size.  You should not have to just figure it out on your own

Implant Size Choice

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Thank you for your question and photos.  I can tell you that often, patients say breast implants seem smaller once inside the body, once healed. The degree/perception of this is different for everyone but in my experience it is more common that people will wish they had chosen a slightly larger size rather than smaller. I recommend you choose what you feel most comfortable with and what your Plastic Surgeon recommends.  The difference between your two options is not large.
All the best

Breast Implant Choice

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Thanks for your question and pictures. You look like a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery.  If possible, see if your surgeon either has 3D imaging or breast implant sizers to try.  This will give you another look utilizing different technology and may help you decide which size if right for you. Make sure you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon as well.Cheers,Steven Camp MD#HappyCamperMD 

Steven M. Camp, MD
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