Different sized implants to correct asymmetry? (photos)

Undergoing BA very soon. Should I consider getting different sized implants since my left breast is slightly smaller than my right? Or once I have implants (Hoping for around 350-375cc) will it not be noticeable to just have both implants the same cc's?

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Different Sized Implants?

Your photo does suggest that your right breast is slightly larger but it is impossible to tell without seeing you in person if there is enough of a difference to justify using two different sizes of implants. It is important to remember that no persons breasts are perfectly symmetric. Also, assuming that you are looking at an new generation silicone gel implant, the implants come pre-filled and are usually at least 25cc or more difference in fill between sizes as you go up in size. So it would possible that if you used two different sized implants and the difference between your breasts is not very much, then your left breast could end up looking larger. The most noticeable asymmetry in you is that your right nipple sits higher and is positioned more lateral on your breast and this will not change with augmentation. In fact, if not appropriately accounted for, this asymmetry could be magnified following augmentation.

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Different sized implants to correct asymmetry?

It's a good question. You have a subtle amount of asymmetry. The total volume is likely not more than 10-15cc. In this situation, I typically recommend implants that are the same size. Given your current breast size, most of your breast volume will be the result of the implant. I don't think that the asymmetry will be as noticeable after your augmentation. As others have said, breast asymmetry is very common and gives a natural appearance. If the asymmetry bothers you, it is reasonable to select implants of different sizes.Congratulations on your upcoming surgery.

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Breast Asymmetrical Augmentation

If your breasts are minimally asymmetrical, an enlargement will make the asymmetry proportionally less so it may not appear asymmetrical any longer. With a significant asymmetry, the residual asymmetry may be enough to still look asymmetric. For the size implant you mention, It usually takes an asymmetry of 25-50 ccs to still be noticed after the augmentation.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Different sized implants to correct asymmetry?

Thank you for your picture and questions. While I do note from your picture that you have some breast asymmetry, this is completely natural. This will likely persist after surgery and you do not want things to look perfectly symmetric as this produces an unnatural result. If patients have significant asymmetry, I sometimes will recommend we correct that with implants. However, I have those patients try on the implants ahead of time to make sure that we have the correction factor accurate. In your case, I do not think the asymmetry you have would warrant this. If you are looking at the 350-375 cc range, your minimal 10-20 cc overall asymmetry is not going to be overly noticable or affect your ultimate outcome. I think that you are in the right position to get a good result. Just make sure that your doctor is someone from the link I have provided that lists ABPS certified surgeons in your area.Best of luck!

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Breast Asymmetry

Hi LS001,

You should consider your breasts in the same way that we consider brow asymmetry.  By that I mean that your breast should be considered sisters and not twins.  99% of patients that were evaluated by MRI were found to have differences between breast size, nipple location, and nipple inclination.  As we can see on your photos your right nipple has a trajectory that's higher than the left nipple.  When the breasts become larger, with augmentation,  sometimes these asymmetries are magnified.  This, however,  is a normal result of breast augmentation.  In terms of using different implants, it would seem to make sense to put a bigger implant in the smaller breasts.  However, in practical terms, that can sometimes cause the bigger implant to sit higher on the chest wall and produce an asymmetry at the top of the breast which is exactly the place that you don't want it.  Your plastic surgeon, if he is board-certified and has experience, will be able to navigate these waters with you.  Please be certain to discuss all of these issues with him or her before your surgery.  Good luck

Alfonso Oliva, MD, FACS
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Different sized implants to correct asymmetry?

First of all you need to be sure you clearly understand that no matter what you do, there will be differences between the breasts, that is true for 100% of patients. The difference you exhibit is quite small so unless the difference between implants is equally small you will just make the naturally smaller breast into the larger breast with a larger implant. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Different sized implants to correct asymmetry?

Remember that no two breasts ever look the same. One breast will always be larger than the other. Since you have a small degree of asymmetry, not sure it's really worth getting 2 different size implants. Also remember that any pre-existing asymmetries will remain postop. Good luck! 

Farah Naz Khan, MD
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Breast implant for asymmetry

It is difficult to tell with just one photo, but you do have some asymmetries with your breasts and nipple position.  I don't think that you need different sized implants, but preexisting asymmetries will still be present after surgery.  Implants can only correct a volume discrepancy which I don't appreciate based on your one image.  What I typically do in your situation is during the surgery, I will place the first implant on the right side and then try different sized implants on the left to see which implant will give you the best symmetry in volume.  Most of the time, the same size implants will give you the best symmetry but occasionally different sized implants are necessary for the best result.  Make sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in person who can examine you and discuss all of your concerns.  Good luck.

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