Hard Breast 9 Weeks After 2nd Breast Reduction?

Had repeat breast reduction 9 weeks ago. Right breast is firm mound - nipple is concave and breast looks sort of like a volcano with top blown off. (note: left breast feels and appears very normal for this stage of reduction.) Wondering if firm mound on right breast could be massive fat necrosis ? post surgical pics attached to recent review

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Revision breast reduction works.

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Hard to tell what happened, but it does not sound like you will have a good outcome, unfortunately.  Wait four months and maybe get another opinion. You may need another revision.

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Fat Necrosis after Revision Breast Reduction

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   Fat necrosis after breast reduction is a concern.  Skin changes with drainage may be suggestive of nipple areola compromise.  In general, the exam is critical at this time.  You should be assessed for tissue viability, fat necrosis, hematoma, fluid collection, and infection.

Breast reduction issues

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It would be great to see photos, but it sounds like you may have tissue necrosis and need to be followed closely by your surgeon.

Fat necrosis with breast reduction

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What you describe certainly sounds like fat necrosis, however other things may be going on.

You don't mention how you are feeling.  Specifically, any fever, chills, sweats?  Is the firm breast just firm, or is there also local heat, redness, swelling, drainage?

If it is massive fat necrosis, another operation is likely.  You need to have a frank chat with your ps so you know how to prepare.

Best of luck to you.



Breast reduction revisions can have healing issues

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Your description of your post operative status is not a normal outcome for revisionary breast reduction surgery. I would visit your plastic surgeon early and often to make sure that your breast heals with an acceptable outcome. Revisionary breast reductions can be challenging procedures, and healing problems, fat necrosis etc. sometimes occur. Good luck.

Repeat breast reduction problems

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It is quite unusual to need to repeat a breast reduction.  It is possible that fat necrosis is present and your best gude to what is going on is to stick close to the doctor who actually did your surgery as they know you inside and out.

Fact Necrosis after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and the graphic description of your right breast; the description does some consistent with fat necrosis.  Of course, your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you about exactly what is going on.  This assessment is much better made after in person evaluation, as opposed to online (even with the help of photographs).

 Management of  fat necrosis will vary depending on its severity and whether there is a secondary infectious process involved. Unfortunately, if fat necrosis is present, it may take several months to gradually resolve ( liquefy);  additional surgery may or may not become necessary.

 Again, your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you most precisely.

 Best wishes.

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