How can I decrease line around my mouth when I smile? Is there any injections? Treatments? Is weight loss an option? (photos)

I have deep lines around my mouth and by my chin when I smile and they really make me insecure... I went to a doctor and asked if filler or something would be help decrease the lines but she informed me since they aren't really present when I do not smile, it would create lumps and bumps... So I'm at a loss. Help!!

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Avoiding lumps and bumps

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Hi Kimberly, 

Thank you for your question. You are not alone with this concern. Many of our patients have similar concerns. I recommend the following: 

1.    Recognize your natural beautiful lips, many women pay a fortune to achieve such a beautiful fullness and balanced lips. 

2. It appears that your chin is recessed, so your side profile probably has the chin alignment further in than your lips. This area filled with firm filler such as Juvederm Voluma, Perlane or Radiesse, would enhance the shape and accommodate the extra skin you are seeing in your smile. 

3. Your jaw line is also narrow and the same fillers could be used to achieve a stronger jaw line and absorb extra skin laxity. 

4. Your cheeks could also take a little extra structural support on the cheek bones to lift the skin that has fallen due to the natural effects of gravity. This subtle yet significant treatment will also provide extra volume in a natural and pretty placement on your face. 

5. Even though you have fairly deep nasolabial folds, I believe that the combination of lifting the skin from the higher cheek bones and stretching the jaw line would be an attractive answer to your concerns without giving you bumps and lumps that could be formed by chasing the fine lines. Filler directly into the nasolabial folds can be done without getting bumps or lumps. By using a cannula, I am able to safely fill that area, however, this would not be my first line of defense for you, as you are very young and can get more for your money by lifting other areas first. 

6. In addition to this, you could put some Botox, Dysport or Xeomin into your chin to soften the “dimpling in the chin”.  

7. Taking care of the skin with good quality moisturizer and antioxidant serums would help reduce the appearance of aging with L-Ascorbic Acid and Peptides. 

8. Fillers can be useful when placed in supportive areas, not necessarily directly into the area of concern. This gives the face an overall overhaul, in a natural and elegant fashion.  


Dr. Gidon Frame

Vancouver Physician

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