Can areola repositioning help reduce gap after breast augmentation? (photos)

having BA in less than a month. Dr. wants to make crescent shaped incision around areola, cut out some skin to move areolas to the middle. Do I need this procedure? if I did this will this help reduce a gap that I fear I will get post-op? age 27 Weight:116 lbs Height:5'4 width breasts:R-13 cm L-12.8 cm nipples-collar bone:R- 19 cm L-18.7 cm height breasts:R- 12 cm L-11.9 cm I hope for 350-375 cc silicon *mentor moderate profile plus implants, under the muscle with no incision preference yet.

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Crescent lift

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I am concerned that a crescent-shaped skin excision might actually cause a wide scar without substantial movement of your nipple position.  Your skin appears elastic and tight.  It will be much tighter after breast augmentation, and that increases the risk of a thick scar if you remove skin.  I would consider creating an implant pocket centered behind your existing nipple position, and go larger with the implants if you want more medial fullness.

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