6 mo po. Muscle still attached under rt breast. Feels like tearing when used. (photos)

Dr switch revision plans from pocket recon to snip. I'm afraid a "quick snip" via a small incision in the inframammary fold will leave a dimple and or bulge when the muscle releases and retracts. Original 500cc periareolar. And just to be clear, per dr, my breasts were perfectly symmetrical prior to the augmentation but for a slightly larger right breast. He no longer intends to remove the implant or touch the pocket. Has anyone ever even heard of a revision like this.

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Understanding animation deformity with submuscular implants

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It is common for some distortion to occur with muscle flexion over implants under the muscle, and your pictures show what would be considered a mild degree of animation. That isn't to say it shouldn't bother you, but the cases I see for surgical  revision are usually more severe. There are several options to consider such as the split muscle plane or subfascial. 

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