Is Splitting Between the Eyes Normal in Rhinoplasty?

When having a rhinoplasty would it ever be considered normal to split the bone between the eyes and insert bone grafts. If it is, should fractures going into the orbital exist. Is it normal to have fractures from the inserted grafts up near the eyebrows and and over to the supra orbital notch? If this is not normal how can it be repaired after having such a thing done? Would one have to have eye surgery?

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Is Splitting Between the Eyes Normal in Rhinoplasty?

 No fractures of the nasal bones during Rhinoplasty are isolated to the nose and do not extend into the orbits of the frontal skull areas.  

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Bone graft between eyes during rhinoplasty?

I wouldn't say it is typical during rhinoplasty to place bone grafts in the area between the eyes like you describe. If you had an abnormal formation of bone in that area of the face your surgeon may have been reconstructing it with bone grafts. This is considered cranio-facial surgery. Without know more detail about your prior surgery it is hard to say what could be done to revise the area.

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