Split Labia Minora. Will it Regenerate or Should I Get Surgery?

After the birth of my child, I had to get my placenta manually removed. My labia minora (just one side) split in half so now there is 2 on one side. There are no stitches there to keep it together but my doc said it should regenerate itself. How can it do that if they aren't in line with each other? Will I need labia surgery to put it back together?

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Possible it will heal

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It is possible for it to heal itself but I would have to know about your situation to give a better assessment. Your surgeon may be right if the split is minor. However, larger splits can be corrected with a relatively simple procedure under local anesthesia.

Split labia minora

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Congratulations on the birth of your child.  Unfortunately, the split labia will not repair itself.  Provided that you are otherwise healthy, a labiaplasty should repair this easily.  Good luck!

Torn Labia will not repair themselves alone

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Despite the wishful thoughts of your doctor, spontaneous reconstruction of torn labia won't happen without a little bit of surgery. Check out the video link of a labial reconstruction.

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Labia Reconstruction

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Labia reconstruction is common after traumatic injuries such as childbirth or occasionally after cancer.

This type of injury can be fixed with a small surgical procedure. As you stated time has passed so it is a little different than it would be at the time of the injury but can still be easily accomplished and treated with good results.

It is difficult to talk about your particular situation but in general the injury that you describe can be fixed with excising the healed edges of the torn labia to create a fresh new edge. Once this new edge has been created the labial can be reset to match the contralateral labia.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or with sedation depending on the extent of the injury and the individual patient.

Split labiaplasty - how to treat

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A split labiaplasty will not regenerate on its own unless the degree of splitting is very insignificant.  Like a torn earlobe, surgery is the best way to restore the prior anatomy and shape.  I would look for a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you assess and discuss options with you.  Many of these procedures can be done under local anesthesia.  Good luck.

Repair of labia tear after child birth

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If the labia is actually split in half then it will not regenerate. It heals very quickly and will heal as two separate segments. Fortunately this can easily be repaired under local anesthesia and should be covered by your insurance company since it was trauma sustained during child birth. Please make sure that you consult a specialist who has perfomed this type of procedure on many occasions. I hope this helps.


Daniel Medalie, MD

Repair Of Split Labia Minora

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Unfortunately this will not spontaneously mend itself back together.  The good news however is that it can be repaired to almost look like nothing ever happened.  Your next step is to seek consultation with either a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist that specializes in Labiaplasty surgery.  Best of luck...RAS

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