Can I put Damon braces on? I don't have 2 teeth, number 5 and 6. Can the space be replaced? (Photo)

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Braces with missing teeth

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Thanks for your question and picture. In your case the missing teeth needs to be replaced so braces may be applied in such a way to leave room for a restoration in the future. If the space isn’t wide enough for a restoration, braces can be used to widen the space so there’s plenty of room for the addition of an implant. If there’s already plenty of space available for a dental restoration, braces can be used to hold that area open so surrounding teeth don’t cave in on the open space.

I personally cannot identify if you have enought space in your mouth for replacing the missing tooth, so i recommended you go to an orthodontist for an evaluation and see what he can do. If your space isn´t enough, another option is close the spaces where are missing the teeth and correct the bite. 

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