Splinting Mobile Teeth Issues?

Hi, i am grinder and wear a mouth guard (day and night). My #9,10 and 11 teeth are mobile in various degree. My dentist splinted them. But my bite is hitting them. So it came off. An orthodontist put bite bumps on the molar so that my bite would not hit the front teeth. But the bumps kept coming off or I grinded them down or the material is too soft. Is there some procedure that can help ?

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Teeth grinder

I agree to find a dentist well versed in occlusion or bite problems.  Do you sleep well and wake refreshed or do you wake feeling tired or have a headache??  Often people will clench or grind their teeth during sleep to open the airway.  Sleep apnea is a big problem for some people and it can often go undiagnosed.  

Atlanta Dentist

Splinting Mobile Teeth

Seek out a few opinions from dentists that are well trained in "occlusion".You might have to consider a full-mouth restoration.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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