Spinal Lipoma?

I had a spinal lipoma removed age 2 but it wasn't all removed due to risk of paralysis. I'm now 30 and been having lower back pain for 18 months and got worse last 6 months. I'm on painkillers and doing physio but nothin is helping. I can't bend down much or sit comfortable for long periods and sometimes get shooting pains mainly just to the left of my spine. I've also got a golf ball size lump at base of spine. Could the lipoma have grown back and be causing the pain

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Recurrent/residual spinal lipoma

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It sounds like you should get help. I'd suggest an MRI scan first to rule out any connection with nerve roots or meninges (lining of the spinal cord). It should be reasonably straight forward to have it removed, or at least debulked (having most of it taken away), under general anaesthesia. If there is any link to the cord/nerve roots - you should see a spinal surgeon.

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Spinal lipoma

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You have a complex case.  The only way for you to get the answer to your question is to be seen and evaluated by a surgeon familiar with lipoma excisions.  Good luck!

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