Spilled Hot Oil on Chest and Stomach, is This Permenant? (photo)

I had a bad accident in the kitchen and spilled hot oil on chest and it dripped down to my stomach. This happened in May. After it healed Ive been using bleaching creams and sunblock when I go outside. I only see a little bit of improvement but not as much as I thought. Im not too woreied about my tattoo but is this permenant or are there other treatments that can fade it away faster? This has been a real rough time for me, its messing me up psychologically.

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Treatments for Burn Scars

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Hi Jasmine.  While you have been using hydroquinone products to lighten the dark marks, you may need a higher strength.  If you have been using 2%, you may consider 4% (prescription) and if using 4% you may consider 6% - 8%.  

In addition, we use q-switched laser treatments for dark scars and this may be a good option for you as well.  You can click through on the link below to see treatments for similar types of dark scars.  

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