Spider Veins Results In Neurolgia

spider vein treatment from laser resulted in me having an episode of neurolgia do you think this is possible a result of the spider vein treatment which was to a vein coming from my top lip on the left side, which is the same side of the face as the neurolgia. It happened 2 days after the treament. If is it possible will the neurolgia clear shortly as the nerve repairs itself?

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Neuralgia after sclerotherapy of the lip

It is not likely that the sclerotherapy of the lip vein caused the neuralgia. 

I have never observed this in my vein practice and have not seen reports in the literature.

Contact a neurologist for guidance. 

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Vein Treatment

This very difficult to even guess at.  A neurologist will be best able to help you figure out this issue.

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Lip vein laser treatment--did it cause neuralgia?

Perhaps you did not see my answer to your other question on this topic (May 31, 2011), but I am quite certain that if you developed neuralgia after treatment of your lip, it was coincidental to the treatment and NOT a cause-and-effect relationship.

If indeed you had (have) neuralgia on the same side as your laser treatment, I would seriously look for other causes, even if they seem temporally related. Often two events, particularly when they occur near each other in time, "seem" as if they could be cause-and-effect. Truly, the science and anatomy of your lip and sensory nerves to that area do not support this conclusion.

But, if you do indeed have neuralgia, the chances of it resolving are the same as if you never had the laser treatment--nobody can "guarantee" it will resolve, but it certainly should, with little or no treatment or medication of any kind. You can, if your symptoms are persistent or severe, ask your doctor about a Medrol dosepak or short course of prednisone to reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medications are other potential options as your neuralgia resolves. Good Luck!

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