Spider Veins After Cellulaze?

So after having Cellulaze almost 2 weeks out I now have spider veins on my thighs along with the cellulite that does not look any better what so ever at this point, bruising is almost gone, legs are still very SORE. Are these spider veins here to stay or will they fade out too?? This was never mentioned by my Dr. who doesn't take questions to well I am starting to realize now....wish I would of known....

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Spider Veins After Cellulaze?

I have never seen nor heard that CELLULAZE operation causes spider veins. A posted photo of the before and present can help us answer to help you. Regards 

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2 Weeks after Cellulaze


Though it probably seems like an eternity already, two weeks is still really early in your healing process and no where near your final result.  It is totally normal to still be sore, bruised, swollen and even for the cellulite and treated areas to still look bumpy and strange. (The same or even worse than before the procedure) As you continue to heal, you'll most likely notice that all the things you see now that concern you will have resolved.  Continue wearing your compression garments and you may also consider starting some lymphatic massage or a treatment like smoothshapes to help eliminate swelling and get you to your desired shape sooner. The small spider veins and capillaries shoudn't be as noticeable either but occassionally from tiissue trauma of any sort you can notice some new, very small vessels that can be easily treated.

Good luck~

Dr.Grant Stevens

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2 weeks

You are only 2 weeks after your procedure.  It takes almost 3 months to start seeing your results.  Continue your compression garments as instructed.  

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What to expect after Cellulaze

Cellulaze recovery time takes longer than two weeks to see you result. The swelling, bruising, and spider veins take weeks to months to settle down. Wearing the compression garment and following up with your surgeon are best in this case.

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Spider Veins After Cellulaze

Spider veins are not a common side effect of Cellulaze, and are likely not a direct or permanent result of the treatment. Since it has only been two weeks since your Cellulaze procedure, your final results will not unfold for the next few months. Give yourself more time to recover and begin to see the final result. Best of luck.

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Spider veins after Cellulaze

This might be a temporary result of the laser treating just underneath the skin, but I have never seen this in my patients.  The legs will be sore from the procedure as the laser, and will take some time to recover.  Most patients have discomfort for 1-2 months after the surgery.  Your surgeon should have discussed with you that the procedure will take 3-6 months to see results, and that further improvement in the contours of the treated areas will be seen for the next year.

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Spider veins after Cellulaze

Two weeks after your treatment is very early to make any judgements on your results.  Hopefully, it was emphasized to you that the appearance of the cellulite may look worse before it gets better.  You should start seeing results at about 3 months.  The development of "spider veins" can occur due to the development of some superficial blood vessels and capillaries in response to the healing process.  These are not true spider veins and will often regress.  If they do not, they can usually be treated with a relatively simple treatment.  

Naveen Setty, MD
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