Can I Speed Up the Simpli5 Treatments?

I have just bought the Simpli5 invisible braces and had them in for about a week. I don't like them as they affect my speech and I find them a pain, however I am sticking with them due to the cost. My question is can I speed up the treatment? I have 5 braces in total and feel that I am totally ready for the 2nd set after 1 week - they 1st brace is fairly loose and I don't think my teeth will move any more until I have the 2nd brace fitted? Is there any danger in doing this?

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Seeping up Simpli5...

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Hello There,
I definitely would not rush or speed up Simpli5.  This is a system of 5 clear aligners that are already doing an express job, so I would not try to speed up an express.  It's like driving a high speed train, then speeding it up more; your teeth would be bound to derail.  Additionally, if your teeth are not exactly how you like it after these 5 trays, you are usually only allowed 2 more trays for free for top and 2 more for the bottom.  Any additional trays will likely cost you hundreds of dollars more.  It is best to do everything right, so that you can get the result you've paid for. Good luck with everything and follow me on Real Self if you think you'll have more questions for me.
I wish you all the best.

Simpli5 is as fast as it will go...

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The invisible aligners of Simpli5 are designed to apply a prescribed force over a prescribed time period with each set to move your teeth to the desired goal. If you jump to the next set of "invisible braces" too quickly your teeth won't get the full amount of force that was prescribed for that set.

You may be thinking so what, my teeth can probably catch up since the next set will be pushing harder. The problem is that when the aligners get ahead of the teeth and the invisible braces are pushing on them trying to get them to move the teeth have to go somewhere. Often what happens is that instead of them catching up, one or two teeth will start to squirt down away from the trays and you'll start seeing a small space between those teeth and the tray, which I am sure you don't want.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

Simpli5 aligner treatment

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Accelerating Simpli5 treatment is not recommended.  With that said, your questions should be easily answered by your orthodontic specialist.  There should be specific answers available from whoever is treating you.  Only providing you some aligners to wear is insufficient without prescribed, clear directions.  Communication between the doctor and patient are key to success.  If you have been given instructions to wear the aligners for two or three weeks, I would follow that prescription.  Only your licensed orthodontist can provide the advise you seek for your specific situation.  

Simpli5 is a system for providing minor tooth movement corrections using a series of aligners that are custom made for your teeth.  Impressions are taken,  models are made, and then a laboratory tech. sections teeth off the model and resets them with small amounts of corrective positional changes.  The clear plastic aligners are then fabricated from this sequential series of models.  These aligners are then worn in order, 24 hours per day, usually for 2-3 weeks per aligner.  In some instances, more than one series of Simpli5 may be required.  In addition, those aligners may be followed with a Pro-Flex silicone positioner or Spring Aligner.  Finally, some type of retainers will be required to maintain the results long-term.  

Steven Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD
Portage Orthodontist

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