Specifically How Many Liposuction Incision Sites Do You Think Are Safe. (I.e. 2, 4, 6...)?

It seems that the sites are made in pairs. I understand there are variables, but what range of incisions with a cannula do you consider common, safe, reasonable (i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.... 2 dozen, 3 dozen). Also, does this number change if a) breast reduction is done at the same time b) incision sites are closed c) incisions sites are left open

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Number of liposuction incisions

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The number of incisions will depend on the areas being suctioned and variations in surgical technique.  It makes no difference if the incision sites are sutured or steri-stripped.  It also should not change based on whether you have a breast reduction performed (I am assuming that you are referring to an incisional reduction as opposed to liposuction for reduction purposes).  I do not recommend liposuction for breast reduction as, except in minimal amounts, the issues that arise as part of macromastia (stretched nipple-areolar complex, ptosis, etc.) will not be addressed without a full reduction.

Liposuction incision sites

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Thank you for your question about the number of incision sites for liposuction.

  • The number of liposuction incisions depends on the number of liposuction sites.
  • For instance, the abdomen and flanks may need 5, occasionally more
  • Hip liposuction may need two on each side.
  • Back liposuction may need one each side for the upper, middle and lower back.
  • Closing the incisions doesn't affect how many are needed to remove fat.
  • For breast reductions, I use a single additional liposuction site at the side.
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Specifically How Many Liposuction Incision Sites Do You Think Are Safe. (I.e. 2, 4, 6...)?

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     I typically use three port sites to liposuction the pubic area, the upper and lower abdomen, the flanks, and the upper and lower back.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

The number, location and size of the holes in liposuction tells a lot about the quality of work.

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The smaller the canula, the smoother the results in liposuction. Micro canulas fit through a needle stick hole so they are almost imperceivable and can be placed almost anywhere. The more tiny holes, then the doc usually is criss-crossing the tunnels from 2-3 directions which also gives smoother results. We still try to hide the tiny holes as much as possible anyway. Usually only the best lipo docs use the tiny micro canulas which is also usually done under local tumescent anesthesia where the doc can stand you up and fine tune the areas for the best results. This is by far the safest way to get lipo done and gives the results you desire but is also the most expensive lipo since it takes longer the remove the fat and fine tune the results.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Volume of liposuction and patient health status are the most important factors

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Thank you for the question.  As a general rule a liposuction amount greater than 5 liters should be admitted overnight so that fluid status can be monitored.  This can me modified based on the size of the patient since a 6 foot tall patient will have different requirements than a 5 foot tall patient.  The number of sites or if the sites are closed or not generally does not matter as much except for the level of discomfort after surgery and the appearance of the incision scar, respectively.  A breast reduction may result in smaller amount of liposuction performed since the length of anesthesia is increased as is the volume shifts associated with surgery.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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