What Specific Type of Chin Implants Help the Jawline?

I know that liposuction under the chin, sculpting, Genioplasty, and jaw implants help...but are there CHIN implants that can extend to the jawline to define it? I also know it depends on a person's unique anatomy. For example, how much would an extended anatomical chin implant do? I personally don't need lipo..thank you in advance

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Extended Implants Best for Most Patients

If your main goal, in additions to chin augmentation to some degree, is to highlight your jawline, extended chin implants are the way to go.   There are many types that serve this purpose.  While bony genioplasty is optimal for some purposes, its greatest limitation is along the jawline, as it can actually create a bit of a step-off along.  Your surgeon should be able to show you examples of what to expect.

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Types of Chin Implants

Most chin implants are made of silicone, which can be modified and contoured to meet the needs of each patient. Other materials are available, but are not as reliable.

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Choice of Surgeon more important than choice of implant

Its the surgeon not the implant type that is most important
Both implant materials: silicone and gore tex are reasonable choices for chin implant surgery. Most important by far is the skill and expertise of the surgeon and not the material used. That would be the basis I would use to find the best surgeon. See below link for further tips on how to do this.

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Impact Of Chin Implants On Jawline

While most chin implants today have extended wings, I would not consider that as improving the jawline as most patients envision it. They help improve the shape of the chin as it turns the corner into the jawline but does not make the jawline bigger/better for most implant styles/shapes. There are also jaw angle implants which improve the angles at the back of the jaw but that may be further back that you need. You would have to be more specific as to where on the jawline you are referring to get a better answer.

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Chin implant

The purpose of a chin implant is usually to extend the chin and jawline and compliment the lips and neck. The size and shape depend on your personal needs. 

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