Who Specializes in Male Areola Reduction with Incision Done at Base of Nipple?

I am male and plan on having my areolas reduced in size within the next month. I want to make sure as liitle of a scar is shown, for that reason I want to have the incision made at the base of nipple rather than around entire areola.

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Scars following areola reduction

It is quite common for patients requesting aesthetic improvement to request a procedure; which, though advantageous in their minds (mini facelift, for example), is quite incapable of giving them the outcome they demand. Oddly, many insist, and actually prevail upon inexperienced and gullible surgeons to do what they want. The result is that they end up unhappy and occasionally litigious.

I would urge all prospective patients to seek the best advice they can get - preferably from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons - rather than simply seeking out some one who will carry out their orders. After all, people who doctor themselves have a fools for patients. Then, take the advice.

I am sorry, but an areola reduction always involves a borderline scar around the nipple-areola complex. However, since the nipple becomes far smaller, it is not conspicuous once mature (6-12 months).

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Areola reduction scar in a male.

The best way to do an areola reduction is to keep the incision and subsequent scar in the areola itself. An incision limited to just below the nipple may cause the nipple to be off-center in the areola. I would recommend a consultation with a board certified/eligible plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and plan your procedure.

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