Do I Need a Specialized Doctor for a Chin Implant and Buccal Fat Removal?

I had a chin implant place and it is not looking natural at all. Should all surgeons know about chin implants are do I need someone who specializes in chin implants? Is buccal fat an easy procedure? Will all surgeons do the same job? Will all remove the same amount of fat? Isn't is one piece of fat that is removed from each side of your cheeks?

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Buccal Fat Excision

No surgery is 'easy', as good outcomes are the result of training and experience.

Buccal fat excision can be a simple procedure technically, but not in all cases. An equal amount of fat is removed on both sides. It is important not to over-excise buccal fat, as it will result in a wasted appearance to the patient. Also, nerves for facial movement are at risk during this procedure.

In the appropriately selected patient, buccal fat excision can give wonderful results.

Best of luck.

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