What Specialist Should I See About Ptosis Ache?

I had ptosis repair one eye more than year ago [still had a minor 1mm ptosis after that], about a month after that been having a dull ache whenever that eye lifts up, dull ache starting from the back of the head area (feels like behind eyelid) and going towards neck. Same eye also feels stiff & tight. The PS has already retired, so just wondering what specialist I should see for possible revision[ and to get rid of the problem].

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Eye ache

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The best person to help you is your prior surgeon as he/she knows your history/surgery the best.  However, second opinion is reasonable.  I recommend an oculoplastic surgeon, who knows how to treat eyes and surrounding structures (eyelids, brows, etc).

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See a specialist

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It doesn't matter whether you see a plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery or an oculoplastic surgery.  The plastic surgeon who retired may have a doctor who took over his practice and you may want to speak to him or her first.  Good luck.

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