Do I Need a Specialist Besides a Periodontist for Implant Placement?

I need to extract 2 teeth as soon as possible in the aesthetic zone. I was told I would need 4 months for the site to heal until implant placement. Do I need another specialist such as a cosmetic dentist to tell my periodontist where to place the implants or is it something that a perio decidedes by himself? Thank you

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Implant Placement Needs a Team

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I am a general dentist who loves cosmetic dentistry.  I always like to talk with my patients and get a feel for their smile and needs.  Then I make a plan and work with the periodontist for placement.  The Implants need time to integrate.  When the Implants are in the front, I review the options you have while healing.  I will place temporary Implant Crowns for the tissue to heal and contour.  Ask for doctor photos and you can even ask for patient testimonials!  Much success-Great questions.

Bellevue Dentist

Do I Need a Specialist Besides a Periodontist for Implant Placement?

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Dental implants are highly successful. Making a great smile over them takes more finesse. You are on exactly the right track with your thought process. Yes, you need a cosmetic dentist to pre-plan what your new front teeth should look like. Then he communicates that to your periodontist and then the periodontist can put them in exactly the right place.

It's one of the biggest mistakes that's made-the implants get put in before the final design of the smile is made.

A great result comes from a high level of collaboration. Congrats to you! You are on your way to a very nice result.


Cosmetic Dentist and periodontist Should Consult on Implant Placement

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The ideal situation would have both the periodontist and cosmetic dentist consult right from the get-go. However, I have very often restored cosmetic restorations over implants already placed by Periodontists. They usually know what they are doing.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Ideally the restoring dentist says where to place the implants

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But it is not a requirement.  Many periodontists or oral surgeons understand restorative requirements so it is fine to have them placed and THEN see whoever will restore.  




Sometimes implants are placed in terrible locations and the restoring dentist looks bad when the result is less than ideal.

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