Getting Breast Implant 12 Years After a Breast Reduction, are there any Special Concerns I Should Have?

I had breast reduction surgery 12 years ago after the birth of my 3rd child. Now I Lost 70 lbs and have scheduled a tummy tuck. My husband and a close friend suggested a breast augmentation to fill-out my breasts, 36DD but flat, at the same time. Are there any special concerns due to the previous surgery. At my consulation the doctor said my nipples are located fairly high. Also, I have a fear of having large breasts again and not being able to fit in my clothes. Suggestions?

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Implants after reduction surgery

This is more common that you may think but my colleagues all are correct in that a good outcome can be achieved.  Assuming you are not planning on moving your nipples, an approach from your old transverse scar should be quite safe.  Implants are safe as far as we know and there was a FDA warning about the possibility of increasing your risks for developing anaplastic lymphoma if you have implants.  Studeis are underway to determine whether this is a valid concern but even if it is, the risks are still miniscule.  Best wishes in achieving your desired results.

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You can Choose Right Size Implants after weight loss

Getting implants after weight loss is a good idea.  Let your doctor give you some  sizers to try on so you can tell him or her what size you like.  That way yo will not have to worry about being too large again.

Based on your description of high nipples you might need to have some skin removed from the old inframammary incision.

The best part of this is 

1 You will get volume again

2 You will balance your new figure

3 You can recover from both operations at the same time

So don't don't be afraid and good luck to you


Phillip C. Haeck, MD
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Breast augmentation after breast reduction

Yes, there are concerns after previous surgery. It will be important for your current surgeon to know what your previous surgeon did and a copy of the operative report is very helpful. But more important are your goals (not your friend's or husband's). You say you are now a DD. An implant will add volume and therefore may increase your cup size. You say you have a fear of being too big. You need to talk frankly with your surgeon about your concerns. If you are happy with your current volume but not the shape, you may need a mastopexy (breast lift) to achieve fullness in your breasts. With high nipples already, some of the techniques may not be as appropriate as others. You should talk with your surgeon, and perhaps seek the opinion of several others as well, and become as informed as possible about your options and be comfortable with the decisions you make--whether they involve surgery or not. Good luck to you.

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Breast Augmentation after Breast Reduction

Thank you for the question.

The operation you are about to undergo is not infrequently performed after breast reduction surgery in the past. Please make sure you are working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

You mentioned that the “nipples are located fairly high";  it will be important to design the operation carefully to achieve the best results. Some patients require additional breast lifting especially after the weight loss you have experience.

In regards to your fear of “having large breasts again” it will be very important to communicate your size goals with your plastic surgeon.

In my practice I use goal pictures to communicate with patients.  With this technique patients are able to demonstrate what they are trying to achieve and what type of looks they do not like as well.   The patient's goal pictures are hanging on the wall, and allow for direct comparison.
 I have found that this system is very helpful in improving the chances of achieving the patient's goals as consistently as possible. 

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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