Post-op Chin Implant - Am I Going to Be Able to Speak Properly? When?

I had revision chin implant surgery but this doctor did it via the inside of my mouth. I preferred when it was done from under my chin. I am not speaking properly. It's been almost two weeks and I am speaking with a lisp. I also look differently when I speak. Is this normal? Will I be ok eventually? When? It feels so weird and I get tired speaking and can't smile normally. Was it a bad idea to do it from inside my mouth. Is the only benefit that I won't have a visible scar?

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Recovery after chin implant

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Recovery after any surgery can take a while. At just two weeks, I would probably give it a bit more time. In any event, I would definitely suggest you speak with your surgeon about your concerns as this may indicate a post operative complication that requires treatment.

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