What makes a lip lift result in a liftedand fuller-appearing lip?

What technique is used in lip lifting that not only shortens the distance but rolls the upper lip outward to make it appear larger. I have seen results where the lip itself looks higher but still looks narrow and small. How do I find a doctor whose sense of an aesthetically pleasing lip has fullness created by the surgery Not by fat or filler?

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Lip lift for fuller looking lip

Great question. There is certainly more than one way to perform the lip lift procedure. The important step to achieve a fuller looking lip is the release of the lip complex from the underlying musculature.  This allows the red portion of the lip to be rolled upwards to provide fullness and upturn without actually elevating the lip itself (significantly).  The distance between the nose and lip becomes shorter and there is more red show on the upper lip. There is a significant amount of artistry in facial plastic surgery and the lip lift is no exception. Good luck!  - Dr. C.

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