I'd Like to Avoid Jane Fonda and Susan Luci Animated Almond Shaped Mouth Pouches; Can You Help Me?

Jane Fonda (google Diane Rehm interview) and Susan Luci both have had facelifts and both NOW have moving pouches lateral to their mouths. These pouches DO NOT show up at rest, they only become distractingly noticeable upon animation. How can a patient choose a surgeon whose technique avoids this unfortunate "issue" because it is never apparent in still shot before and afters? What are these pouches and what causes them?

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Mouth pouches after facelift

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I must say you are a very perceptive person, since not many people notice this little fullness on the sides of the mouth. The structure, you are concerned with, is fat prolapsing between two different muscles that run to the corner of the mouth. This is not a complication of a facelift, but rather one of the changes associated with normal facial aging. However, on occasion, a facelift can make these structures more noticeable. If you are considering a facelift do not be overly concerned with this "issue". This problem appears only in a very small group of patients with a particular type of facial structures. Most experienced facelift surgeons would be able to tell you beforehand whether you are at risk of having this problem.

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Properly executed face lift should yield natural results.

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  • I'm not certain I understand what you're referring to. You should get a surgeon who does lots of facelifts and expect to examine a great number of pre-and postoperative results. Video imaging may also be a some benefit. A Properly executed facelift leaves normal facial animation.

Jand Fonda's face

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I am not aware of what Jane Foonda's face looks like during animation but she is pulled tight. I would discus your concerns with your plastic surgeon to make sure that the two of you are on the same page.

Celebrity Facelift Surgery

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

It is rather surprising that there are a number of celebrities that undergo less then ideal plastic surgery. A well executed face lift should create a markedly rejuvenated and natural looking face and yet without any tell tale signs of surgery. It takes skills and talent to be able to execute such a facelift. There should not be one approach to a facelift. An experienced surgeon will individualize each facelift depending on the patient’s anatomy and aging.

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