Will Crowns be okay for upper top teeth & turn out good? Is bonding an option for two bottom front teeth? Cost? (Photos)

I have been a thumb sucker for years and am 24 and have recently quit. I am planning on getting crowns on my four upper front teeth to fix the caps and mishapped teeth.I have already set up the crowns with a cosmetic dentist. Because my bottom teeth are pretty straight besides the gap and ridges at the top of the teeth, and because of the cost to get the upper teeth done. I was thinking of a temporary fast fix maybe bonding and then maybe to get Invisalign or crowns later to straighten them more

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Gapped teeth


You are definitley a canidate to get bonding on the lower teeth to close the gap.  Either crowns (caps) or veneers can work on straightening and closing the gap of the upper teeth.  You might also want to whiten your teeth prior to the cosmetic work so that a lighter shade crowns can be picked.


Dr. Maddahi

Beverly Hills Dentist
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Dental bonding vs Dental veneers vs Dental Crown

The most judicious way to restore your smile is to have invisalign first, then evaluate the results!

If you want to be conservative, it is best you ask your cosmetic dentist to do a wax-up and then transfer that look that you approved with either dental bonding or dental veneers. I do believe dental crown on your healthy tooth structure it is a radical approach to remove 75% of your tooth structure due to cosmetic dental wishes.

The dental bonding cost less than dental porcelain veneers in general, and they are more conservatives, however there is pros and cons for each!

Anthony Mobasser, DDS, DMD
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