Can I tell the dentist I want all upper teeth pulled so I can just get an upper denture? (photos)

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Upper teeth being pulled

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You can ask the dentist to do it but i assure you it is a decision you will regret.Many patients are frustrated that they continue to need dental treatment and the associated cost that goes along with it. I would speak to your dentist to set up a plan to fix the teeth and have a program of maintenance so you don't consistently suffer from problemsWhen the teeth are removed your jaw bone will melt away and age you many years, you will not be able to chew properly have confidence long term and it will impact your life in ways you don't know right now
I urge you to reconsider
If you do need all your teeth pulled there are other options apart from dentures that will give you long term comfort
I wish you the best
Dr J

Oxnard Dentist

Teeth Extractions

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I would only have your teeth removed if they are no longer able to be saved.  From the photos this does not look to be the case here.  Dentures are a poor option for a better smile and most anyone wearing them will tell you that.  Consult with an experienced implant surgeon to find out if this might be an option for you.  Good luck.  

Upper denture

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You don't give any reason for wanting your teeth removed. From the pictures you posted there is no reason to remove all of your teeth. Dentures are not an easy answer to get pretty teeth. Most people with dentures would love to have their natural teeth back. I suggest you think through your reasons for wanting this aggressive treatment.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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