Is it okay to use crest white if I have not so noticeable white spots? Will they be more visible after whitening?

I have hardly noticeable white spots on my teeth. The problem is that i want to use crest whitening because i have yellowish teeth but i heard that if you have white spots and you use a whitening treatement, the spots will be more visible. Is that true? If it is, then, are there any treatements at dentist that get rid of white spots without any proof that the white spots once existed? Or after treatements,white spots,will still be somehow visible? Sorry if my english is bad.

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Whenever you use any whitening treatment the entire tooth will look whiter including the white spots.  Unfortunately the office whitening treatments are much more stronger than over the counter treatment therefore there may be much more noticeable results with white spots. 

My suggestion is to do one treatment with the crest white strip and look at the results and decide if you are okay with it.


Dr. Maddahi

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