Should I Explant or Exchange to Smaller Size? (photo)

I got BA with silicone gel, tear drop medial pole, low projection poliurethane cover implants of 310cc and 355 cc. I am not happy with the size of my breast now, can not get use to the big volume and specially the upper pole. I´d like to have soft, natural looking on the top, and well rounded lower pole. It was always a question of shape and not size for me...would it be possible to achieve my goal in a B cup simply removing the implants?

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Implants provide fullness in upper pole

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You certainly would lose some of the fullness in the upper pole if the implants are removed and not replaced. If you have more volume in your native breast tissue now than you had before then there be enough to give you the overall size you want. The tradeoff is that you will lose the upper pole fullness without some sort of implant. You might try having them removed and the breast tissue reshaped. You could always go back and place a small implant if you weren't completely satisfied. Best of Luck!

Upper Pole Fulless

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If you want to maintain upper pole fullness then you will need to exchange the implants.  Just taking out the implants will reduce your upper pole volume. 


Good Luck

Explant or Exchange

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I agree with Dr. Wallach that an implant exchange instead of explantation only is the reasonable answer.  Downsizing your implants will warrant a breast lift at the same time.

Dr. ES

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Removing implants

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It is unlikley you will get the look you want with explantation. You may be better off with smaller implants.

Remove or Downsize Breast Implants?

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Based on the limited pictures, your implants seem to be in a high position compared to your breasts. Implant removal may give you a B cup but that is hard to predict. An in-person evaluation by a Board Certified plastic surgeon will give you a better answer and offer you all options.

Should I Explant or Exchange to Smaller Size?

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I think that explant alone will result in an unfavorable outcome. Switching to a somewhat smaller round implant seems  like the best option, though photos alone are inadequate to  make that recommendation.

Current outcome certainly looks nice. If you do go ahead with surgery, reducing the size of the larger areola would also make sense. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Should I Explant or Exchange to Smaller Size? (photo)

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The posted photos demonstrate a very nice result with circus areolar scars from a donut lift. I recommend NOT to touch but ONLY IN PERSON evaluations are appropriate in your case. 

Implant Exchange or Explant

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I think the question is really whether or not you were a B cup before the implants.  If not, then there is no way to become this size without implants.  The other factor is if you have had implants for a while - often times your own breast tissue gets thinner which will make you smaller than you were before implants if they are removed.  With the look you are hoping for - you may be a good candidate for fat grafting.  This is done by using liposuction in another area and injecting the fat into your breasts.  There are no scars in the breast and you can have a larger size with the shape you desire and no implants.  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Implant exchange

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Based on your preoperative photos, you will no achieve the look you want with just removal of the implants. Implant exchange to a slightly smaller ultra high profile implant in a dual plane position may give you the look you want

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