What can you recommend to make my face slimmer? (Photo)

hi, im 27 years old, I'm asian. i want to make my face slim. i don't know what procedure i will take is it botox for jawline or buccal fat removal? can you suggest me what appropriate for me and how much it cost. thank you

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Buccal Fat or Masseter Reduction

Buccal fat and botox masseter reduction both can help slim a person's face.  In some cases, buccal fat will be more influential and in other patients botox jaw reduction is beneficial.

Buccal fat works more on the central fullness in the face and helps to slim this area down.  A discrete fat pad is located here and can help the face look over all thinner.  Masseter reduction works by narrowing the width of the angle of the mandible.

Since much of buccal fat is a 3-D visualization, consider a surgeon who performs both to help guide which if any is best for you.

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