Over 3 months ago PIP implants removed and replaced. I am so unhappy. Should my surgeon fix this?

Pop removed. 500cc silicone put in, round. Was told natrelle but after surgery told they used euro silicone. Left had rupture but didn't know it was until after surgery. They were odd shaped before and now really in equal I feel. The left is so flat, I can feel the implant move and Jud around, the right one is perfect and sits firmly but natural. The left is far too floppy and droopy. I had my pips for 9 years and am in debt with my new ones and I am so unhappy with them. I'm 28 years old :(

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Concerns after breast augmentation surgery…

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns but it is difficult to ascertain exactly what is going on, despite your good description and photographs. Given your concerns I would suggest that you follow up with your plastic surgeon to discuss concerns/goals.  Making an accurate diagnosis will obviously be very important when it comes to determining whether (and what type of) revisionary breast surgery is indicated. Best wishes.

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