How long before revision brow lift? (Photo)

Aproximately 17 years ago I had a facelift with coronal eyebrow lift performed in Madrid (SPAIN) by Dr. José Vilar Sancho with beautiful results. 6 months ago a new facelift with endoscopic browlift in Pamplona with Dr. Bernardo Hontanilla at the Navarra University Clinic with very poor results: a visible scar in front of my left ear and brows in same position as before operation. I am thinking of going back to Vilar Sancho to have my scar revised and a new coronal browlift. How long should I wait?

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Considering Revision

It is always good to hear about a positive experience with a surgeon as you report 17 years ago; I can understand why you might want to return to someone who gave you good results. 

Younger skin heals a bit better, and because this time was your second operation, the stress on that scar area is greater. For now, a revision will add more tension, and risks a poor result. 

Still, I can see why you are concerned by the scar.

Give it some more time. Laser is an option. And make sure you get several well informed opinions before revising that particular scar. I would definitely wait a full year before considering any kind of revision.

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Revision brow lift

Let the wounds heals for 4 to 6 more months. Prevent sun exposure in the mean time. Be careful with any further facial surgery because you don't want to loss any more hair bearing skin.

Thomas Romo, III, MD, FACS
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Revision browlift

Generally 6 months from the last surgery is considered a safe time to proceed with additional surgery if needed.  The blood supply should be redistributed throughout the tissue and the scar tissue should be stabilized.  Your skin appears to have a lot of sun damage and may benefit from some exfoliation or surface peels as well as fractional laser treatment to stimulate new collagen formation and more healthy skin, which in turn could facilitate better healing after the next surgery.

Steven J. Smith, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon
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