Laser hair removal treatment on bikini area.. burns? bad reaction?

i had my 5th laser hair removal session almost 2 days ago and it hurt more than usual. The bikini area was extremely swollen post-appointment and i was quite uncomfortable. Later i noticed a gooey type of discharge that seemed to be coming from the skin of my labia? I then noticed that in some areas my skin had become soft and gooey(?) and when i picked at it pink flesh was exposed underneath. I don't think this is normal, should i seek medical attention?

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Adverse Reaction

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In my experience when a patient complains of more pain than normal during a treatment it is an early sign that the patient is not tolerating the laser (even if you have been treated on the same settings previously). It sounds like you have developed blisters from the treatment, keep the area protected, clean and dry, especially any blisters that may have opened. Apply triple antibiotic ointment, you want to avoid a skin infection. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, please follow-up with the practitioner that treated you.

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