Looking for doctors specialised with hyaluronidase in Spain. Can anyone recommend any?

Hyaluronic acid tightened my skin too much and I have new wrinkles when I smile which were not there before, not mine naturally. As it was injected for a scar with a wrinkle around that area and it´s quite a delicate issue, I would like to find someone expert on hyaluronidase. My doctor had to order it - he said he never has any at the clinic, and am concerned he might not be too experienced with this product. Thank you
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Hyaluronidase Doctor en Espana

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Dr. Kai Kaye is a great plastic surgeon located in Marbella. You may consider him in the future if this problem occurs again.

Hyaluronidase expert in Spain

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If your doctor doesn't have it handy, it means that he/she rarely needs it, which is a good thing.

You can call the distributor in EUrope and see who they sell it to and work backwards from there. 

Look up the name of the company that distributes Vitrase in Spain and do your homework from there, i.e. your investigative work. 

Dr Karamanoukian

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