For a Space Between my Two Front Teeth Should I Get Invisalign or Braces, I'm 13?

My dentist told me my teeth were perfect and unless I wanted orthodontia for cosmetic reasons I don't need it. Though, i have decided that the space is pretty wide and i just want to also generally straighten my teeth so does invisalign work for that or should I just get braces?

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Invisalign for Gaps between front teeth

Both options of traditional braces or Invisalign will work to close the contact between your front teeth.  If you choose to use the Invisalign you need to make sure that your 2nd molars have erupted.  It is hard to see from your photos but you might have smaller lateral incisors (aka Peg Laterals) which might affect your final overall aesthetic result.  If that is the case I would close the contact between your two front central incisors with braces or Invisalign and leave gaps between the central and lateral incisors.  Then I would close these newly created gaps for now with resin bonding but plan to eventually replace them with Porcelain Veneers when you are at least in your late teens.  To place veneers usually some of the enamel from your tooth may be required to be removed to make space for the veneer.  When you are young your nerves are very large and hence it would be preferred to avoid irritating them by having to reduce some of your tooth structure for the Porcelain veneers.  As you age the nerve shrinks and hence this issue is less of a problem.  The bonding will help you buy time until the Veneers can be done which will provide a much better aesthetic and stable result.

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Invisalign to close space between front teeth

Judging from your photos, you appear to be a perfect case for invisible braces (ClearCorrect or Invisalign).  In fact, your treatment time should be minimal judging from the photos; and because of your age, the treatment is very predictable with invisible braces as long as your second molars are fully erupted.  Closing space can take more time than you would think, but you should be able to accomplish this as an "express" case which should save you some money.  We have a traditional fee and express fee for invisible braces based upon the treatment time estimated to complete the case, with the express fee being less.

Chad Colson, DMD
Greenville Dentist


Yes, invisalign treatment is a very good option for your treatment. Make sure your other permanent teeth are erupted.That might delay you to start the treatment.

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist
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The amount of space that you show is well within the realm of correcting with Invisalign. But before that is undertaken it is important to know why the space is present. Some possibilities are; broad and/or low upper lip muscle attachment (labial frenum), excessive presssure from tongue during speech (tongue thrust), and/or imbalance is size of front teeth (microform lateral incisors). Closing the space without first sorting out the above possibilities will mean that the space is likely to recurr. I recommend consulting with your orthodontist and discussing these factors before committing to correction.

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Invisalign may work..but beware

 From the view you provided, it seems like you MAY be an acceptable Invisalign candidate..but you need to consider some things. Why does your gap exist? You need to address the cause of this. From the appearance of your photo, your upper lateral incisors are too small, and thus, you have spacing in your upper teeth. I would recommend either making those teeth larger, or as a second option removing some enamel as needed in the lower arch to allow your orthodontist pull those teeth back to allow complete space closure of the upper so your finished bite is not too "tight".

Also consider that spacing one of the hardest conditions to retain, thus your retainers should really be worn lifetime, and being a young patient as you are, you may still have some lower jaw growth left, and if your lower jaw pushed on your upper teeth, that space may reopen later in life if not handles properly.

Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign for space closure

From the pictures you have submitted it looks like you are the perfect candidate for invisalign.  The treatment is very predictable.  I would like you would be able to finsih it in under 9 months. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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