Space Will Not Close - Closing a Tooth Gap

I have been wearing braces for 28 months (I am 29yrs old) and I'm concerned because my Ortho wants to take my braces off, but there is a spaced tooth that previously was over laping my front tooth. When I go in every 4 weeks he only removes the rubber bands but leaves the wire on during his consultation. Should he be removing the wire each time? What would help to close this gap? It's been 3 months and this gap won't budge & the only answer I get from him is "I can't control your teeth".

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Give it time and speak with your orthodontist

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Space closure can take time and be stubborn in some cases. By looking at your picture it appears that your upper teeth are directly up against your lower teeth. In order to close a space one needs a slight "overbite" to pull the top teeth back into (we call this overjet). So, either your back bite is not yet ideal or the size of your top teeth does not match the bottom. Talk with your orthodontist. Schedule an appointment when he/she won't feel rushed and express your concerns so you can understand better.

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